The DJ Shop


The DJ Shop is an online retailer of electronic equipment.

A good experience online is always crucial, but it’s particularly important for this client. Their products are widely available elsewhere and they are not allowed to discount.

They need a clear digital strategy to attract sales and, as importantly, to convert them.



The DJ Shop was a business being held back by its website.

Online sales were running at about £100,000 per year on a 20% margin.

Due to poor link-building, the site had been penalised by Google. Result: a loss of organic positions.

Meanwhile, the client was spending £50,000 per year on Google Adwords, bringing 130,000 new customers to the site.

But… that started to look expensive when Google analytics showed that 57% of those visitors were leaving the site without ever getting beyond the home page.

We also found they had 37% of the market share of end-users searching for their products.

Their cost per acquisition was £69.

Their average cost per click was 39p.



Over a period of a year, designed and implemented a complete digital overhaul, which yielded rapid and measurable results.

First we:

  • addressed the key task of restoring their organic position. Within a month we had successfully removed the Google penalty
  • this increased site traffic by 500%.

Next we:

  • fine-tuned their Google Adwords account
  • adjusted the keyword selection, adding Google Tag Manager; created a remarketing campaign; reworked all the ad groups; added ad extensions, call extensions and callout extensions; rewrote all the ad text copy and focused on making every product detail page enticing
  • focused on the high rate of abandoned shopping carts and worked to bring those shoppers back
  • rebuilt the online shop
  • fired up the speed of the site by 300%.

Then we added:

  • Social media: harnessing all the power of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to help them increase their engagement
  • A mobile friendly version of the site. Of their traffic, 48% comes from Android, iPhone and tablet devices.



 Over a full 12 months of work, Love-Ecommerce has:

  • Increased paid visitors by 30,000, with the same budget
  • Increased their market share
  • Reversed the bounce rate, now down to 47%
  • Reduced their cost per acquisition
  • Reduced their average cost per click
  • Propelled sales from Google Adwords from £100,000 to £209,000
  • Ensured the client reaps the rewards of organic traffic from positions in Google, with business worth £645,000
  • Positioned the client to break through the £1m mark in sales.


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