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We’re passionate about e-commerce. Creating exciting stores. Branding them. Making them a joy to navigate and shop.

And delivering a great experience that’s rewarded with rapid, emphatic return on investment.

Who Are We

Under our roof, brings together more than 80 years’ experience creating effective online stores.

During our time we have helped to create dynamic new businesses, and re-energise existing ones, making sure they reap the benefits of e-commerce.

We know what makes customers respond – and what encourages them to click elsewhere. We also maintain a continuous audit to track every new development, ensuring our clients can always gain a competitive edge.

Our Philosophy

Being driven by the retailer, yet focused on the customer, has made the choice of ambitious retailers.

From major international brands to SMEs, to small artisan operations. All have one thing in common: their sites look and perform beautifully. supports these business-critical channels’ with full hosting services, as well as maintenance and development as new functionalities come on stream.

Bringing It All Together

An effective e-commerce site demands a robust and versatile platform.

But of course, no customer is interested in the web technology; indeed, they should only be aware of the excellent experience it delivers. But in a retail-savvy world, what they do look for is superb design, inspiring visuals, and great information.

That’s why we give equal weight to harnessing (and even creating) brands, and making them live through innovative, intuitive design.

The result: an e-commerce site that customers want to spend time on – and spend money with.

How We Work

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We set about creating a website that ‘lives’ the brand. Its look, feel and function must all be a reflection of your brand as a whole. If your brand is all about speed and convenience, poor navigation and slow speeds will undermine those values in an instant. As will sketchy information and tatty visuals if your company trades on its expertise. If you’re a new company, we can create a new brand for you, with the advantage that it has been created for the online environment. In each case, we take your proposition, your customers’ needs - and find the optimum way of bridging the two.



People shop on buses and trains, in cafes and bars, at work, on holiday, and from the comfort of their own sofa. No e-commerce site can ignore the meteoric rise in shopping from mobile phones and tablets, day and night across the world. We ensure that your site is optimised for mobile, as well as show you how to integrate social media and third party multi-channel platforms.


MULTI-CHANNELLING can also integrate your site seamlessly into the world’s most powerful branded platforms. Sites such as Amazon, eBay,, Facebook, comparison sites and EPOS systems can bring an entirely new dimension to your marketing, and a torrent of new revenue streams.



The great thing about the internet is that it promotes choice. But that’s a two way street: your competitors benefit from the power of the web just like you do. Even if your brand is well known, awareness of your site needs constant support. Customers need reminding, encouraging, prompting - in short, they need to see you right up there in search engine rankings. We have a dedicated SEO (search engine optimisation) team. We use search-engine friendly platforms and constantly review algorithm updates to enhance your web presence. Our sites are coded to HTML standards and are W3C compliant, with SEO-friendly URLS which contain keywords.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

‘Pay per click’ Adwords can be a powerful weapon in your armoury. They deliver directly to you ‘warmed up’ customers who are actively looking for what you sell. In terms of sheer precision and efficiency, and if used in the right way, Adwords can deliver remarkable results. We are specialists in delivering Adwords campaigns, ensuring that your website is optimised to receive those shoppers in the most effective way. Let them down, and they will disappear as easily as they came.



Like any store, your e-commerce only thrives with actual shoppers. We therefore offer a comprehensive service to market your site amongst key target markets, driving in visits whether through digital marketing or mainstream advertising.

An e-commerce site is a digital shop. All the rules that apply to a high street, apply to your website.

A great atmosphere. Fast access to exactly what you want. Good information and support. A clean and easy
checkout process when you make your purchase. And a place you want to return to, again and again.

Our process starts with a lot of looking and listening. We need to know what you do, your marketplace,
your competition and, crucially, where you want to be – in one, five or ten years’ time.

We are building your digital foundations, or fully overhauling them, for the opportunities ahead.
So we can’t know too much about you.

"At, we can ensure that you
get your share of the market."

Ecommerce Statistics

Online stores turn over, on average, £700+ million a week

In 2014, e-commerce created 930 million parcel deliveries

40% of people abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load

Security worries lead 17% of shoppers to drop out of a purchase

A single second's delay in page response can decrease conversions by 7%

Almost 1 in 3 Britons shops on their mobile

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So where does this leave the 10,000 or so businesses that currently use it, many of whom won’t be able to upgrade to the full blown enterprise version.

If your stuck with Magento Go and need to look at alternative ideas for an exit strategy before Feb 2015, give us a call on 01942 604544 we will be able to help you.

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